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I'm much more quiet when I'm gardening!

Grace is our March cover kitty.  I have the pleasure of frequently taking her on tour at her home in the city and we spend hours talking.  This time, I asked her a few questions.

Grace, do you have a special garden technique you would like to share?

“Generally, I act like I’m gardening.  This photo shoot was especially fun since I’m sure there was a bug or lizard right there at my fingertips.  As I have mentioned, I am an outdoor girl”

Grace, How did you learn to walk on a lead?

“First, I spent a few weeks inside just trying the contraption on for fit, ease of movement, and balance.  I wanted to fall over since it seemed heavy, and run since it was giving me claustrophobia.  Of course, I bit the purple strap my person was holding on to, I thought it was a new game!   I finally got used to the lead and harness, so now outside City adventures are fun-filled time spent hunting, running, playing, and hanging out with Momma.  Maybe I’ll post my outdoor walking video, so you can see the fun for yourselves.”

Thank you Grace for the exercise.
Kitty Kisses ~ Momma