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Kitty Girl Blue

Little Miss, Held forever in our hearts.  Blue January 14, 1996 – April 18 2009.  April 18, 2012… the third anniversary of the passing of my most beloved Kitty Girl Blue.  I lost 10 lbs. in two weeks watching her go.  I had not known she was sick and suffering from Hyperthyroidism, it went undetected, until 18 days before she passed.  I also didn’t know that she would not react well to the medicine provided by my veterinarian’s office.  Loosing my lively spirited Blue, is one of my life’s most painful losses.  “She” is dedicated in her loving memory.

Tears still flood my eyes.

My husband and I adopted her as a 6 week old kitten from a farmhouse down the road.  She was half feral and half Birman.  She was a sick kitten that became a sick cat, however, we knew that we could give her the best care and chance, we had 13 years with her.  Our vet always referred to her as “the front page” cat, this referral came since she was on his front page of the most wild cats he had ever seen.  He wore large thick leather grilling gloves when he cared for her, lol.  Yes, she was an indoor cat, and eventually became adjusted to my husband and me over the years.  The first time I saw her sleep and lay on my lap was at 5 years old, she stayed for 2 hours.  I didn’t move, I just relished the event and knew that years of patience had finally won her love.  Blue was my little girl I never had, my heart was stolen and was never to be the same.

We lived on a 20K acre lake and saw our share of water-moccasins.  One day she killed one at the front of the house in the shrubs as we were taking our morning walk.  She earned “Princess Blue” status from that point on.  After she killed the snake, I killed it unnecessarily further with a garden hoe.  It was quite the experience.

She was not on a lead outside since she was such a good follower.  This led to the day my husband and I spent hours with two extended ladders up a tree trying to rescue her after neighborhood dogs frightened her up into a very tall pecan tree.

I also convinced my husband there would be no bugs including mosquitoes in our bedroom if she would sleep at the end of our bed.  This of course wasn’t true, but she spent the next 8 years sleeping in the high arch of my foot each night.  It was true comfort for me.  I should mention, she loved yogurt.

She has her own song, which I will share one day with you.  I wrote it in rush hour traffic in Dallas on the way home, really.  It’s a children’s song that I plan to use in a book one day.

She has a beautifully shaped kitty urn and sits in my library, the best book there with well-worn chapters.

There are hundreds of stories to tell, but I really want to leave you with a few pictures that tell her story.  Cherished memories of a beautiful love story.