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Lani – Day 1 with her brothers. She is the only Brown-patch in the group.

Lucky me to have friends and family that have beautiful feline family members, a kitty blog for showcasing them and a genuine love for creature status cats, (this is all-inclusive in the feline animal kingdom by the way).  If you know the cat breed, Maine Coons, you know what a treat and loving companion you have.  Maine coons are one of the oldest natural American breeds from the state of Maine.

Main Coons are known for several special attributes, below are a few of my favorites.

  1. Ear Furnishings – plentiful fur inside their ears.
  2. Snow-shoe paws – additional fur in-between their paws that actually help protect their pads as they walk on snow.
  3. Gentle human like love – from nuzzling and kisses these cats are pure love.

Let the Birthday celebrations begin!

Ladies first.

Happy Birthday #2 beautiful Lani!

Lani and her brothers at one day old above is a seriously beautiful group of kittens!  It’s funny that she was the only girl and the only patch! Lani is the biggest love sponge you ever want to meet. She sleeps between her Mommy and Daddy every night and she has to be held in a bear hug to get to sleep….she insists! Her Daddy is especially good at that! She loves everyone and she’s the only one of the cats in this family that has befriended Bella the parrot. If Bella is on the kitchen island Lani is with her…partners in crime, lol!

Lani the cat and Bella the Parrot.

Pat, her Mommy says, “I always say she was made just for me, she is beyond attentive, and my little helper following me around the house every day as I clean up. She is truly a treasure…I really hit the jackpot!”  Lani was born on May 1, 2010.

Lani Bell – Age 2

Happy Birthday #2 beautiful Nayla!

Nayla’s darling baby kitten snuggled in a boot pose, and her current classic pose, showing off her white boots.  She was born at the Koontopia Maine Coon Cattery in KY on April 7, 2010.

Nayla Bell kitten tucked in a ceramic shoe – darling girl

Nayla and her classic pose, white booted beauty

Nayla is the classic “gentle giant” of Maine Coons. She is quite reserved and has the quietest high pitch meow you ever heard coming out of such a big cat.  She is very sweet, and if she catches a lizard, and her sister takes it away she just lets her keep it.

Nayla Bell – Age 2

Like most Maine Coons she loves water and can often be found playing in a sink of water or sleeping in the sink.  Her play area consists of a large screened in outdoor area.  Most days she can be found hunting and sleeping in the bushes by the pool. She is an affectionate little (big) supervisor!

A special thank you to my friend, Pat Bell for sharing your beautiful princesses Lani and Nayla.


Happy Birthday to twins, Ducan MacMouser and Dandy O’Lion celebrating their 2 year Birthday on May 1, 2012.

Twins; Duncan MacMouser and Dandy O’Lion – 2 years

Duncan MacMouser and Dandy O’Lion we’re born on May 1st, 2010, Koontopia’s Run for the Roses, part of a litter of six classic red tabby boys and one beautiful brown patch girl.  They are brothers to Lani above.

Duncan is small for a Maine Coon, weighing only 14 lbs, but don’t tell him he is not a really big boy. He’s our brave heart. Strong natured, outgoing and oh, so sweet. He is very vocal, often all night long. His fur is unusually soft “Like a Bunny”. Duncan loves being brushed and will roll over so you can get every spot. Tummy rubs and fetching paper are his favorites, along with water. He will drink from a faucet and intently watch water swirl. Duncan’s nickname is Little Laddie.

Duncan MacMouser, age 2

Dandy O’Lion is a shy boy, very loving. He is smart and very stubborn. Once his mind is fixed on something, it is hard to get him to forget about it. He loves opening all the closet doors in the house. Dandy also loves to cuddle with his half-sister, Cougar Rose. In fact, He loves to cuddle period. His favorite toy is his YumYum, a blue furry snake. He carries it with him and hides it in different spots in the house. When he brings it to you, he cries to be praised, for he brought you his prize. His fur has curls and more curls. His nickname is Dandy-Boy.

Dandy O’Lion – Age 2

A special thank you to my Friend, Echelle Sauer for sharing her handsome twin boys; Dunan and Dandy!

Happy Birthday Lani, Nayla, Ducan and Dandy – Two looks great on each of you!

Here kitty kitty…. Got a kitty celebrating a birthday and want me to blog about your special friend.  Leave a comment and we will take it from there.