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As told by Pat Bell;

Parrots are a lot of work and after my cockatoo of 25 years passed away suddenly, I decided not to get another one. But of course you know as time passes, I yearned for another bird, so I set out to find a female baby cockatoo. We found Bella (her full name is Isabella) and she quickly became spoiled!
I then unexpectedly lost my beloved cat, Jasmine at 6 years of age and we soon decided to get 2 Maine Coon kittens. We picked up the kittens in Kentucky in our motor-home and Lani immediately fell in love with Bella (Lani loves everybody!). So they became immediate friends, and I think Lani told Bella she was a cat and Bella believed it! Bella wants to do Everything the cats do. So, everyone supervises me in the shower, making the bed, cooking or doing laundry…but Bella wants to help me!

Bella thinks she can talk and she imitates us when we talk but only she knows what she is saying and she gets quite animated (and loud – especially when I’m on the phone!).

We thought Bella was a girl but now our vet says that she (he) is probably a boy. We can’t get used to it (although she is not as docile as our previous little girl was…that should have been a clue!). Anyway she(he) is still called Bella and I still think of her as a girl!
She is very sweet and attentive and demands lots of attention….but that is what they are for…isn’t it?

Happy Birthday Bella!