The girl behind the blog…

20 years of love /Working Girl / Cat Gaucho.
I love my husband, and our kitty girls, Gracie Boots and Twilight.  The commitment to care for any animal is the same for your family. Love, food, play, teach, groom and rest. Walk with me and my modern cat’s life.

Grace is our Domestic short hair shelter kitty. She has slick mink fur, white boots, two white diamonds on her belly, and a Nike stripe up one back leg. A never-ending bundle of energy that’s more toddler or dog like than cat. Grace’s birthday is January 1, 2008, she was born in Sweet home Alabama.

Twilight is our retired Maine Coon who adopted us. Twilight’s coat is like an amazing textile artifact. It has a stunning hand and is a rare visual gift. She is our Dolce Aria, (sweet, soft musical air). Her birthday is June 12, 2008. Her birth home is Somerset Kentucky via  Woodswalk Maine Coons.

So what about me?

I’m having a blast as the Design/Product Development Director, for Online Commerce Group, it’s pretty exciting creating custom pillows, outdoor umbrellas, and bedding.  I am super excited about sharing 20 years of marriage with my husband / best friend. We own Brass Hardware, a fine residential hardware store in Montgomery Alabama.  I have been a ‘Merchant’ in the retail world for the past 30 years, and look forward to spending more holidays with my family for the next 30.  I cherish my 17+ year hands on an education in good taste at Neiman Marcus.  My tangible hobbies are Master Gardener of our residential garden, Eden Close, beekeeper’s assistant and of course, I am the kitty Mom to Grace and Twilight.

Other places to find me:  Twitter, Zazzle, Colourlovers, Pinterest

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