Magazine Covers 2012 (January – July)


Modern Day Grace

Grace is January’s cover kitty. I had the pleasure of touring her home and asking her a few questions.

Grace, what is your favorite luxury?

” I would have to say it is napping on the screened in porch no matter what the weather. I’m really an outdoor girl”

Grace, what is you favorite view?

” The second story has magnificent mesmerizing panoramic views. It’s definitely bird watching out the window with the holly trees. The birds are so close to me, it makes me crazy!”

Thank you Grace for your insights.
Kitty Kisses ~ Momma


Twilight’s Love

Twilight, February’s cover kitty. I have the pleasure of loving her everyday, and on Valentine’s Day I asked her these questions.

Twilight, Do you think being a mommy has made you so loving?

” Yes, I had so many little ones, and they were all so important and easy to love. Being a loving mommy was my full-time job”

Twilight, what is your favorite way to show love today?

” I love, love, love time spent with my Momma in the morning, grooming time runs right into kisses and love nudges. It really starts my morning off on the right paw!

Thank you Twilight for your unconditional love.
Kitty Kisses ~ Momma


Grace – My Garden Cat

Grace is our March cover kitty.  I have the pleasure of frequently taking her on tour at her home in the city and we spend hours talking.  This time, I asked her a few questions.

Grace, do you have a special garden technique you would like to share?

” Generally, I act like I’m gardening.  This photo shoot was especially fun since I’m sure there was a bug or lizard right there at my pawtips.  As I have mentioned, I am an outdoor girl”

Grace, How did you learn to walk on a lead?

” First, I spent a few weeks inside just trying the contraption on for fit, ease of movement, and balance.  I wanted to fall over since it seemed heavy, and run since it was giving me claustrophobia.  Of course, I bit the purple strap my Momma was holding on to, I thought it was a new game!   I finally got used to the lead and harness, so now outside City adventures are fun-filled time spent hunting, running, playing, and hanging out with Momma.  Maybe I’ll post my outdoor walking video, so you can see the fun for yourselves.”

Thank you Grace for the exercise.
Kitty Kisses ~ Momma

Feeling the love after a long grooming.

Twilight’s look lends itself perfectly to the April cover of living well.  We spend several minutes in the morning and in the evening making sure she is tangle and mat free.  This warm spring has been particularly challenging as she creates several “mini me’s” with each brushing.

Twilight wanted to say a few words about long hair requirements.

It is so important to allow my Mommy daily grooming time.  You see, I sleep so much during the day, rolling around in my bed and grooming as needed.  Somehow, I create tangles and mats in my long flowing coat that start to hurt if they aren’t managed on a daily basis.

The good “mews”, I love being brushed and combed.  It relaxes me and takes Mommy away from my sister Grace.  Grace and I always compete for her time, but I don’t think she knows.

I love staying at home at the spa at Eden Close.  5 Paw rating for the spa and so much more.  Any-who, I’m off for nap-time, another lesson we can talk about later.

Thank you Twilight for your unconditional patience.
Kitty Kisses ~ Momma

Grace – My American Cat

Because of those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives to keep our country free, we all have the freedom and a lifestyle that is the American dream.
In memory of those who came before us and those who continue to keep our country free, so that on Memorial Day, we can respect our history, freely picnic, play, vacation and spend valuable family time together.
If you ever have a chance to visit the Arlington National Cemetery, please do so, it gives an overwhelming perspective on our nations sacrifice.

Think Summer Fun!

Summer is here packed with Sunshine, long days, picnic foods and a more carefree spirit.  I have to believe my cats feel the same way, lounging for hours on the warm screened in porch, then in the luxury of their air-conditioned home and napping the day away.  Grace and Twilight are always ready for a treat as the rustling of the  bag calls them into the kitchen, a long drink of cool water from the fridge is up next, and a quick round of play.  Then of course, the squirrel watching, it must be like watching TV, so the monitor look of June’s cover reflects.

Best wishes to you and yours for a long cool playful summer!

Born in the USA!

Happy 4th of July from our kitty girls, Grace and Twilight!
It’s always very exciting and patriotic around the house during our 4th of July celebration. Small American flags line the half round of well manicured boxwood bushes, our American flag waves proudly against our 1935 Georgian red brick home, and quite unexpected, my husband plays God Bless America, America the Beautiful, and My Country Tis of Thee on his bagpipes! The days feast is in the planning stages, but it will be classic picnic fare full of smiles. As evening settles, my husband and I safely sit and watch musical firework celebrations via the TV.
I love our slice of Americana 🙂

Enjoy your 4th of July!

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