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      If you know “Saturday” by the Carpernters sing along.  It’s a cool day, just a bit of frisky and long cat naps after the rambunctious burst of happy to have mommy home, cool Saturday.

      Good lessons from the cat day!

       Twilight in her get me, brush me, love me happy mood.

        Oh yeah, tummy rub Tuesday!


    I am Beautiful


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    Hi, It’s Twilight.

    I wanted to give a kiss, a lick, and a hug to Candice Glover for winning the American Idol!

    I can completely relate to her hit single, “I am Beautiful”! We have so much in common; sweet, beautiful, and amazing eyes. Oh, my voice? It’s more of a high pitch soft baby-like mew, Candice’s voice is Purrfectly beautiful!

    My Mommy calls it Creature Status!


    Sleeping Beauty

    DSC_0810 best

    Sunshiny and beautiful

    It’s beautiful no matter where I go!

    Have a great weekend everyone! Off for some beauty sleep.

    Kisses – Twilight

    Sunday with Mom


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    Yippie! I was crazy enough today that Mom, (I love my human Mommy), took me outside for exercise and therapy!
    I mean physical therapy.

    She said it was good to stop along the way and smell the roses. We smelled confederate jasmine since it was closer to my nose.


    I played, walked around until I was really tired, and took the occasional lounge break.

    I was happy to go back inside since a kitty appeared and didn’t act very nice.

    I feel like I had a mini relaxing spa with Mom. Instant nap for this cat!
    Sweet dreams everyone zzzzx