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Feeling the love after a long grooming.

Twilight’s look lends itself perfectly to the April cover of living well.  We spend several minutes in the morning and in the evening making sure she is tangle and mat free.  This warm spring has been particularly challenging as she creates several “mini me’s” with each brushing.

Twilight wanted to say a few words about long hair requirements.

It is so important to allow my Mommy daily grooming time.  You see, I sleep so much during the day, rolling around in my bed and grooming as needed.  Somehow, I create tangles and mats in my long flowing coat that start to hurt if they aren’t managed on a daily basis.

The good “mews”, I love being brushed and combed.  It relaxes me and takes Mommy away from my sister Grace.  Grace and I always compete for her time, but I don’t think she knows.

I love staying at home at the spa at Eden Close.  5 Paw rating for the spa and so much more.  Any-who, I’m off for nap-time, another lesson we can talk about later.